Fancy a Norwegian cuddle? Today is your chance – join the 42,500 people who are attending the “Hug a Norwegian Day” worldwide.

Hug a Norwegian Day 2010

“Know a Norwegian person? HUG THEM!” says creator of the Facebook event James Giltz. Time: Monday 22nd November at 12am. Location: Everywhere.

The 2010 “Hug a Norwegian Day” event was created by American student James Giltz in November last year. On the eve of the event, more than 40 thousand people have confirmed attendance, and as there are plenty of Norwegian students at Kingston University, the 22nd is likely to be fairly cozy.

Giltz first came up with the idea when he noticed that there were countless of similar events already established on Facebook, but none for Norwegians. He is very pleased with the number of people attending, which is overwhelming compared to last year;

“I am absolutely ecstatic about the number of people it currently has. The membership really has taken on a life of its own and I am absolutely loving it. Last year on it’s first time through there was a very small amount of people in attendance. I got a hug from my girlfriend at the time, but I think that’s it, really. Nothing like this year is going to be.”

President of the Scandinavian Society Erin Knight is also looking forward to it: “I don’t know too much about the event itself, but my flat mate said she would give me an extra hug tomorrow. I’m excited!”

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