The spring season 2011 is going to be all about stripes and big on shirts

A look forward to 2011 spring trends

The spring season 2011 is going to be all about the stripes and big on shirts.

White is set to be a big hit but it requires caution as very few people can carry it off on its own. Twin with a dark colour if you have fair skin but dark hair, heat it up with a splash of green or blue if you have warmer colouring, and minimize if you’ve got darker colouring.

Neon is rumoured to be making an unexpected comeback so if you havn’t thrown away what you owned the first time round then you’re in luck – but remember, a little is a lot and after a certain age (some might say your teenage years) it just looks plain tacky.

Wear vertical stripes to create the illusion of a slimmer torso and avoid horizontal stripes if you’re carrying a little holiday weight as these will make you look bigger than you really are.  

Shirts are set to make a comeback so dig out your old ones and fork out for some new ones if you want to look fashion-savvy for lectures.

Hair styles are going to be worn short, so think about what style would work for you and book an appointment at the salon.

Think 70s and you’ll be spot on. Long flowing material, loose fits and plenty of bright colours.

For the girls it’s a big move away from the androgenous look towards a far more soft and feminine style – we’re talking bows, chiffon and yes, even a touch of lace.

The skirt length of the season has once again come down a few inches so you’ll be bang on trend if you wear it mid-calf. Be warned though, if you’re under around 5″2 then this may make your legs look shorter and make you look top heavy.

So if you get a splash of cash over the holidays why not head out to the shops and treat yourself to a few fashion bargains and be bang on trend for next season.

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