17 out of 20 Kingston students hadn't heard about the march this Wednesday...so will any of us actually be there? 

A day out or a day off?

As students prepare for the fees protest in Westminster this Wednesday, RiverOnline decided to find out what Kingston students were thinking.

Will anyone from Kingston actually show up to stand alongside the hundreds of other raging students? Or are we just glad to have an excuse to take a day off?

Of the 20 students we asked…

3 people knew about the march

10 people didn’t know but would like to be involved

7 people didn’t know and don’t care

George Turner, a second year Geographical Information Systems student, said: “It’s not going to have a direct effect on us. If less people are doing degrees then there is less competition. It might make less people do courses just for the sake of it.”

And what about marching George?

“It just p***s up everyone else’s day.”

You don’t think that showing a bit of solidarity could make the government think differently?

“I don’t think there’s much I can do. It’s not going to stop (the cuts) just ‘cos of a couple of students.”

Fernando Moreira, also a second year GIS student, shared George’s view:

What do you think about the idea that poorer students are unlikely to study because of the threat of huge fees?

“You could say that now. Having higher fees means that they will have an incentive to work, at the moment they have no pressure on them to succeed.”

Aline Umhozais, a first year Politics and Sociology student, had some strong views on the subject of fees and cuts: “I’m disgusted by it. Fair enough, we have to pay something but why are they making it harder? I’m especially mad at the liberals. So much for equality of opportunities for the working classes.”

Have you heard about the march?

“I haven’t heard. It’s not fair because we are losing out. I want to protest, I want to protest, I want to do the lot.”

Hozaif Ayazis, a second year Pharmaceutical and Chemical Science student, would also like to attend the protest: “I’m not happy though. The Union should be doing more to help students get involved, it’s not fair that I haven’t heard about it. I would definitely like to get involved.” 

Students will have to make their own way to the march on Wednesday 10th November. Check the KUSU website for further details

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