KU topless model defends lads’ mags

A KINGSTON student who posed topless in a lads’ mag defended the publication, saying it was healthy for men and should not be banned from shops. 
Music student Talisa May Adcock, 22, was featured in this month’s issue of Front Magazine. 
“Banning guys' magazines will only frustrate men further,” she said. “I think it’s healthy for them to have lads’ mags.” 
Women’s campaign groups such as UK Feminista have recently launched an initiative to ban pornographic men's magazines from high-street shops, stating that they promote sexist attitudes.
Since the start of the campaign, the Co-operative has asked publishers to put guys' magazines in “modesty bags” or they would be withdrawn from sale in their shops.
Sexually exploited?
Adcock, a third-year student, does not think that it is necessary to stop shops from selling the magazines.
“The reality is that there will always be a way for men and women to seek out the images they are after,” she said. 
“Not every single page in a lads’ mag is covered with images that they say are sexually exploiting women.”
However, she was not sure if she would model for mainstream lads’ mags such as Nuts or Zoo.
Adcock said her friends and family had been supportive of her decision to model for Front. 
“Even my nan has seen it and she thought it was great,” she said. 
“I have a very open family and when I told them I was going to be part of it, they were really happy for me.”
In Front’s November issue, she is featured in two photographs, including one topless shot. 
Do it yourself
She will also appear in the magazine’s next issue in a similar series of photographs. 
Adcock took the pictures herself at home and submitted them to the magazine’s “DIY” section after getting in touch with one of Front’s photographers.
“It’s a fun experience,” she said. “Doing it in the comfort of your own room makes it more enjoyable and easier.”
Anyone can apply to be featured in the magazine’s “DIY” section. 
The application form asks two questions: “Do you have fake boobs?” and “Will you do tasteful fully topless pictures?”
Adcock said that she had modelled nude for photography students while she was at college. 
She hopes to continue modelling for Front, even though she was not paid for the pictures.
“I didn’t do the photoshoot for money,” she said. 
“I did it because it’s something I’ve wanted to accomplish since I started reading Front and I’m proud that I’ve finally been able to achieve what I wanted to.”

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