Students who use facebook score up to 20 per cent lower in exams. So why are we still addicted?

Facebook lowers your grades study claims

A study has found that students using facebook while working have a lower grade average than those who don’t.

The study, conducted by American Professor Paul Kirschner, found that students using the social networking site while studying scored up to 20 per cent lower in exams. So the idea of cyber-multi tasking being beneficial for the brain is just a myth.

Most students know from bitter experience the pull of facebook particularly when faced with looming deadlines. A year ago, I could take a tiny study break to check messages, and two hours later I would have joined a group that likes funny youtube videos, had an online discussion on the perils of organized religion, wished someone I knew from junior school happy birthday, and chucked a sheep at my mum. But what I wouldn’t have done was finish the essay that needed writing.

That was last year. This year, I do not allow myself to have FB on, even in the background, if I have other things to do. It’s addictive right?

Kara, a 2nd year Crminology student disagrees. She sees no problem at all with facebook which she has on her phone so she’s always connected. She does say, however, that “facebook chat is a no no, you find you’ve wasted hours and it can be hard to leave conversations without offending people”.

I’m not the only student in the world whose studies have suffered due to social networking. Don’t get me wrong; I have no intention of committing FB suicide, but I do monitor how much I use it, I don’t have it on my mobile phone and I don’t check it until the end of the day.

Annie, a 2nd year Film Studies student at KU, is also strict with her Facebook usage. She said she only has a profile now because she is studying away from her home country and “doesn’t see the point in telling everyone her business every five minutes” she finds it a useful way to stay in touch with family and friends back home. She doesn’t like it as a rule and definitely prefers real life.

So it seems that, although FB may well be a hinderence to study, it doesn’t have to be and us students are going to look at it anyway. as with so many technical advances it’s just a matter of using common sense isn’t it?

Caoimhe, a 1st year Criminology student, agrees that FB is not a problem. Natalie Reeve, a nursing student, has no belief that facebook is detrimental to her studies and says, as an ex smoker, she uses it as she would have used fag breaks when she’s studying.

I admit to initial seduction by facebook, more so than myspace or bibo, which I just never got the hang of. I am also prepared to admit that facebook still eats up more of my precious time than it should. But I am careful not too get sucked in to the time waster that is social networking if I want to get on with anything else.

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