Jacob Mead was arrested at Kingston University's Day X2 protests for swearing and shouting through a mega-phone.

Day X2: Kingston student relives his arrest

A Kingston student who was arrested at Kingston’s Day X2 demonstrations has spoken of his ordeal which included a six hour stint in a police cell.

Jacob Mead, a first year Environmental Hazards and Disaster Management student took a vocal role in last week’s demo.  The protest saw hundreds of Kingston College students join with university students to protest the planned increase in tuition fees.

He said: “I was shouting through a mega phone at the march, so they thought I was leading it.”   

“It came to an end so I got up on a wall and gave a speech which had some strong words to justify it all.”

Mr Mead claims the dozen or so police that came to watch the protests were concerned by some of his wording:

“I used the phrase ‘smash this government’, and apparently when I said that all of them got on their radios and all of them were talking to each other.”

Police arrested Mr Mead as the protest came to a close.

“I was taken down, processed and chucked in a cell for six hours.  I got arrested at ten past three and I didn’t get interviewed until ten past ten.”

Mr Mead’s interview with police lasted five minutes after which he was given an £80 public order fine.  Such fines are usually administered on the spot.  Mr Mead believed the police had an ulterior motive:

“I think they decided I was leading it.  A lot of the kids and college students came to me afterwards saying they wanted to come to London, I think police thought they would get me out of the equation.”

“Once I was being processed the staff were actually quite nice, but the original officers were quite aggressive, quite frankly they were a***holes.”

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