Students are hoping to 'Shut Down London' as MPs are casting their votes.

Day X3: Students will take to the streets again

Kingston Education Activist Network are amongst the organisations waging war against the city on the day that Parliament will decide the fate of university fees.

This latest student-led protest aims to ‘Shut Down London’ and will gather in Malet Street in Central London at 12 noon on Thursday 9th December.

The Coalition of Resistance, Right to Work,  National Campaign Againsts Fees and Cuts (NCAFC) and Education Activist Network are supporting the ‘Shut Down London’ campaign, which hopes to bring central London’s streets to a standstill.

MPs will be voting on the coalition’s proposal to double university tuition fees and allow some institutions to charge as much as £9,000.

In the weeks leading up to this vote student orgainsations have been applying pressure to Liberal Democrat MPs. Many consituencies, including Kingston, havee seen protests and the circulation of petitions demanding the right to recall MPs, such as Surbiton’s Ed Davey, who are set to break their pre-election promises.

Clare Solomon, President of the University of London Union, believes the petition will encourage MPs to take the student cause seriously. Soloman said: “It is fair to say that we are sick of being branded lazy, apathetic trouble-makers. A petition such as this provides a formal and academic lobbying of our MPs.” 

The NCAFC has invited trade unions to join the march in the hope that they will stand shoulder to shoulder with students in the fight against a more costly education system. Ed Milband has also received an invitation.

The University of London Union and UCU London Region have also called for action.  They will add their support to the mass lobby of Parliament called by UCU and NUS.

Raymie Kiernan of Kingston EAN has been calling on Kingston students to pledge their allegiance to the cause.

Kiernan said: “The student movement has inspired all those who wish to defend education for all. If the Coalition government get away with raising tuition fees and cutting EMA it will deny access to Further and Higher Education making it the preserve of the very wealthy.”

The National Union of Students (NUS) are also showing support  in the shape of LOBBY 2010. This follows President Aaron Porter’s apology for ‘dithering’ during the last few weeks of student action.

Speaking at an occupation in University College London, Porter said: “For too long the NUS has perhaps been too cautious and too spineless about being committed to supporting student activism. Perhaps I spent too long over the last few days doing the same”.

Hundreds of Kingston University students and supporters turned out for Day X protests through the centre of town. An inital planning meeting called by Cameron Kaye of Kingston EAN was poorly attended and has been re-scheduled for the ground floor of the JG building at 5pm tonight.

KUSU president TJ Esubiyi has faced criticism for his lack of encouragement and promotion of previous demonstrations . With no university-wide email or advertising campaign planned ahead of this Thursday, the strength of the KU student turnout on Day X3 remains to be seen.

To find out more about Day X3 find the EAN on Facebook.  

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