Anarchists and radical demonstrators smashed their way into Conservative party HQ in a violent end to a protest against cuts in education funding 

Demo 2010: Militant protestors storm Millbank Towers

Radical left-wing demonstrators invaded Conservative HQ today protesting cuts in funding for education and the prospect of increased tuition fees.

While the initial occupation of Millbank seemed relatively harmless, almost jovial, the arrival of ‘black bloc’clad militants signalled a discernable change in mood.

Moving towards the building, at the pre-arranged signal of a loud blast of dub-step music,  balaclava-wearing anarchists snaked through the demonstrators to the front of the crowd outside 30 Millbank.

There militant groups locked arms with other protestors, forcing police back against the large windows of the building, and a hail of missiles soon rained down upon the besieged officers.

Initial surges from the crowd caused a bottle neck around the entrance to the Millbank building, forcing police backwards and breaking their line, allowing access to the building’s foyer.

Chaos soon ensued, with the smashing of the first external window marking an escalation in destruction, and a ransacking of the building soon followed, with CCTV cameras being smashed from the ceiling and a chair sent hurtling through an internal glass partition, while members of the crowd both inside and out continued to shatter the remaining external windows.

Evidence of occupation of other areas of the building was soon apparent, with windows on upper floors exhibiting damage, and demonstrators bearing the anarcho-communist red and black flag appearing on the roof, hurling office supplies and emptying the contents of fire extinguishers over the edge of the building.

Reactions to the occupation from the crowd were largely positive, with cheers and predominantly anti-Conservative slogans reaching an almost deafening level in the confined courtyard, but the dropping of a fire extinguisher from the roof elicited boos from those below.

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