A chemical spillage outside the Penrhyn Building stops traffic and disrupts students.

‘Unknown’ chemical spillage brings Kingston to a halt

Students were met by a scene of confusion and panic as they arrived on Penrhyn Road campus this morning.

The white streak of an ‘unknown’ chemical spillage could be seen on the road outside the main entrance to the Penrhyn building and the emergency services were on the scene.

Taping off the area in bid to prevent students and pedestrians getting near to the unknown substance, one fireman said: “We don’t know what the chemical is yet so we are just doing everything we can to stop people from breathing it in or going near it”.

Penrhyn Road was blocked off by police cars and traffic was being turned around at the A307 junction.

Students were directed to use side entrances to access the University building several hours after the spillage was identified.

After treating the substance and surrounding area, the fire services later said: “The area is now safe and students are able to access the university via Penrhyn Road without concern”.

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