Kingston University’s new Vice-Chancellor vows to continue a programme of widening participation.

VC: Professor Julius Weinberg is Kingston’s new Vice Chancellor

Professor Julius Weinberg, currently deputy Vice-Chancellor at City University, will take office in the spring and has vowed to continue recruiting students from all backgrounds.

Prof Weinberg, who takes over from Sir Peter Scott said: “I am honoured and humbled by the opportunity of becoming your Vice-Chancellor. Just contemplating following Peter’s hugely successful time as Vice-Chancellor is daunting.”

Sir Peter had successfully implemented a policy of widening participation at Kingston, which Prof Weinberg vows to support even in the economically challenging times that lie ahead.

He said: “Universities are places that should aspire to change lives through the opportunities that they provide and the knowledge they produce. Your origin should not determine your destination.”

Prof Weinberg has a proven track-record of successful leadership.

He joined City University in 2001 as Director of the Institute of Health Sciences before becoming Pro Vice-Chancellor for Research. He became Deputy Vice-Chancellor in 2007.

Prof Weinberg places an emphasis on research and extensive education, which he believes to be one of Kingston University’s strengths.

He said: “I am opposed to the notion that universities become more focused. My experience has shown the value of drawing upon a broad variety of disciplines. My own research has involved cell biology, mathematical modelling, computer gamers and artists.”

Roderic Lyne, Chairman-designate of the board of Governors, who chaired the selection committee, said the board was delighted that Weinberg had agreed to join Kingston University.

While acknowledging the significance of Sir Peter Scott’s leadership in making the University a success in the past 10 years, Lyne emphasized that a quality leadership would be no less important in the challenging times ahead.

He said: “Julius Weinberg has that quality. He has a broad and creative outlook, in tune with Kingston’s mission, and will bring to us the benefits of his very wide experience.”

Prof Weinberg graduated from Oxford University with a degree in Medicine and Physiological Sciences.

His career spans from lecturing medicine at the University of Zimbabwe to establishing a disease surveillance system for the World Health Organisation in war-torn Yugoslavia.

Prof Weinberg currently teaches post-graduate students at City and is himself in the process of completing a foundation year in Humanities at the Open University.

He is also a keen potter, owns his own wheel and kiln, and can frequently be spotted at concerts.

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  1. Perhaps a look at the Times Higher Education article comments would be in order:

  2. And maybe Prof Weinberg could address the results of this study, whereby the University failed to find a single instance of bullying or harassment among the 12 reported cases.

    Were all of these staff members who reported being bullied or harassed simply lying?

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