The latest Call of Duty game made £400m in five days, making it the fastest selling game ever.

Black Ops smashes Modern Warfare 2 record by £60 million

Call of Duty: Black Ops (CoD) only needed five days to beat the previous record set by CoD: Modern Warfare 2 last year of £340m in its first week. 

Its popularity has left some speechless, during its second week the title sold 85 per cent fewer copies but still remained as the best selling game in the UK above Assassins Creed: Brotherhood and Fifa 11.

The game has received many rave reviews; some gamers have claimed that the online multiplayer experience is so good that Treyarch could have sold it as a standalone version.

Others have not been so pleased, one Kingston University student said; “Modern Warfare 2 was definitely better than the new CoD. You can never find a game, when you do it signs out of the lobby. It’s really slow, the guns are crap and you can just buy the new titles and emblems.”

Black Ops has now been knocked off of the top spot by Gran Turismo 5 which is now predicted to become the best selling game of 2010. The release of the new Gran Turismo ended hopes that Black Ops would beat the last CoD’s nine weeks at the top spot.

It has been suggested by that the next CoD will be set in space, an attempt by developers Sledgehammer Games to break away from the existing titles which all look to the past or present for a setting.


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