Lovers of Polaroid’s retro-style photography can now enjoy a new range of uber-chic products.

Polaroid goes Gaga

Lovers of Polaroid’s retro-style photography can now enjoy a new range of uber-chic products.

The brand has teamed up with multi-platinum selling pop star, Lady Gaga, and launched three new products at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month.

Released under, ‘Grey Label by Haus of Gaga’, the new technology will include a new shape for the instant digital camera and a variety of accessories.

The GL10 mobile printer allows you to print photos instantly from your mobile or camera and was demonstarted by Gaga as she slipped it effortlessly into her handbag. The printer features Zink Imaging’s zero ink technology and allows colour printing without the need for ink cartridges or ribbons.

The most ‘Gaga’ of all are the Polaroid GL20 image-capturing sunglasses. Each lens contains a camera and 1.5-inch OLED screen that can capture and display images and video. The earpiece of the glasses contains a chip for storing media and arms function as a detachable USB key so imagery can be transferred to a computer and uploaded to the internet.

Attending the Consumer Electronics Show to promote the release of the new gadgets, Gaga told crowds that the glasses, “are the first ever pair of sunglasses that can be worn out to protect your eyes from the sun, and take pictures.”

Apple veteran, Robert Brunner is the brains behind the new designs. According to design house, Ammunition, who employs Brunner, “each product was designed with the idea that creativity and sharing go hand in hand in both the digital and physical world.”

Following a file for bankruptcy in 2001 and the closure of their last two manufacturing plants in 2008, Polaroid could now be set to experience a revival that only a figure like Gaga could be responsible for.


Watch Lady Gaga reveal the new products:

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