Kingston residents are watching the skies after a string of UFO encounters in the area.

Reports of UFO sighted over Kingston

Written by Eleanor Pullen

In the last year, more than 35 reports of UFO sightings in the area have been reported on, a website compiled by UFO-spotters. They say this is only a fraction of the total.

At least one spotter is a Kingston University student.

“I was sitting in the garden with my friend when we looked up and saw two balls of orange light,” said Carla Nestoros, 21, a student from Tolworth.

“We watched them for a while trying to work out if they were airplanes, but then we realised there was an airplane in the sky as well. They looked nothing alike.

“I’m convinced that this was something extraterrestrial. It wasn’t like anything I’ve seen before.”

Despite the fact that the area is close to Heathrow Airport, many spotters are convinced that they didn’t see normal air traffic.

“What we saw were not airliners,” said Matt from Sutton in his report of his encounter on and his son saw 12 balls of orange light silently travelling across the sky in the same direction.

Miss Nestoros added: “The lights didn’t move – just hovered in the same place in the sky for at least 20 minutes. I looked at my friend for a second to ask her what she thought they were, and when I looked back at the sky they were gone.”

“It was really strange how quickly the lights disappeared. They couldn’t have been flying at a steady speed like an airplane.”

The Ministry of Defence is currently releasing its extensive collection of files on UFO sightings. There are 10,000 files, dating back to the 1950s, on record.

The UFOs described vary in shapes and sizes, from bright orbs of pink, white or orange light, silent triangular craft, clusters of lights, sometimes in patterns and even jellyfish-shaped craft.

However, not all Kingston residents are convinced of the authenticity of the sightings. 

“I believe that the media is a major contributor to the mass hysteria of the UFO phenomenon. Things people think are UFOs could be a number of other things like satellites or comets. It could even be a figment of their imagination,” said Debbie Wuyts, 38, a recruitment consultant from Surbiton.

A current exhibition at the Royal Albert Hall shows some of the documents that were declassified earlier this year.

The UFO convention, called “Close Encounters” will include a lecture by author and journalist Nick Pope, who worked as the leading researcher on the UFO project at the MoD.

“My friend and I are going. We’re very excited to see what they have to show us. I’m looking forward to talking to like-minded people who will hopefully shed some light on what I saw,” said Miss Nestoros.

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