Sony snap up UK sports technology firm in a deal thought to be worth around £20m.

Sony swoop for Hawk-Eye

Electronics giant, Sony, have snapped up UK sports technology firm, Hawk-Eye, in an undisclosed deal thought to be worth in the region of £20m.

The Winchester firm is renowned for the impact it has had on tennis and cricket in recent years and with murmurings that FIFA may finally be willing to consider further experiments into goal-line technology, Hawk-Eye could yet have its most influential and lucrative days ahead of it.

Dr Paul Hawkins, who invented the technology, is clearly excited about the future under the Japanese conglomerate and has said that the takeover will create “immense opportunities for the sports industry”.

Hawk-Eye uses visual images and timing data from multiple cameras in different locations to show the exact path the ball took and predict accurately the future flight of the ball.

The complex computer system is also used to enhance the viewing experience in the BBC’s snooker coverage and to help coaches in their analysis of sports stars’ technique and performance.

However, despite its growing prominence in the sporting world, Hawk-Eye Innovations Ltd reported profits of just £1.1m last year and is a relatively small company with only 40 full-time employees.

Now though, with the weight of Sony behind the already impressive technology and the announcement by FIFA president, Sepp Blatter, in early March that goal-line technology tests will continue for another year, those profits could be set to rise considerably in years to come.

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