Kingston's Basketball women will be playing twice this week. See all the fixtures here.

Kingston University’s sport fixtures: Week five

Here are the fixtures Kingston University participate in this week.

Monday February 27:
Basketball Women’s
Kingston first – Sussex first, 20:00 (League)

Wednesday February 29:
Football Women’s
Portsmouth second – Kingston first, 14:30 (League)

Football Men’s
St. Mary’s fourth – Kingston first, 14:00 (League)
Kingston second Kingston third, 14:00 (League)
Brunel fifth – Kingston fourth, 14:00 (League)

Rugby Men’s
Kingston first – Chichester second, 14:00 (League)
Brunel second – Kingston second, 14:00 (League)

Basketball Women’s
Sussex first – Kingston first, 16:00 (League)

Basketball Men’s
Reading first – Kingston first, time n/a (League)
Kingston second – Brighton first, 20:00 (League)

Hockey Women’s
St Mary second – Kingston first, 13:00 (League)

Hockey Men’s
Surrey first – Kingston first, 14:15 (League)

Netball Women’s
Brunel third – Kingston first, time n/a (League)
Brunel fifth – Kingston second, time n/a (League)
St. George’s third – Kingston third, time n/a (League)

Volleyball Women’s
Kingston first – Queen Mary first, 18:00 (League)

Volleyball Men’s
Buckinghamshire New first – Kingston first, 13:00 (League)

Badminton Men’s
Kingston first – Brunel second, time n/a (League)
Royal Holloway second – Kingston second, 16:00 (League)

Golf Mixed
Surrey first – Kingston first, 12:30 (League)
Kingston second – Royal Holloway second, time n/a (League)

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