Is it possible to enjoy sport in London without paying Premier League prices? We investigate your options.

London on the cheap: Queens Park Rangers

Being a student means fighting a constant battle between the minus sign on your bank statements and the urge to socialise. 

To ease the financial burdens constricting us we’ve decided to explore the more student loan friendly ways to enjoy sport in London – starting with football and a visit to West London’s Queens Park Rangers.

At £20, a QPR ticket doesn’t look like the most efficient money saver out there. Comparatively though, it’s not bad. That £20 afforded me a seat directly behind the goal in “The Loft”, close enough to get an experience of the sights, sounds and smells on offer, likely to cost you at least £50 at Stamford Bridge. Of course, you may feel you get what you pay for, but in the spirit of a good day out it’s worth it.

Fans of ‘The Super-Hoops’ have their obligatory pre-game looseners at The White Horse. On match days you must be an official QPR card holder or at least be wearing a funny blue and white scarf like I was to enter. The atmosphere is boisterously optimistic without the shackles of tension put on those pubs allowing opposing team fans in to drink. The conversation is ripe with good-natured and universally distributed abuse – in short, all you might expect from fans of the club currently top of the Championship.

This attitude is prevalent throughout the game itself, as the crowd barely voice their disgruntlement at the lack of quality before them. Instead they choose to recline into jubilant acknowledgement of the progress they’ve made since last season. Before Saturday’s game they sat 6 points clear of all competitors with a +21 goal difference, all gained from just 10 games. 

A season ticket doesn’t look too enticing, but if you’re looking for an entertaining Saturday afternoon of football without having to start making IOUs for your landlord, then QPR fits the bill.

Rangers’ next home game is on Saturday 6th November 2010, 3.00pm.

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