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  1. Hello,

    My name is Alan Mutton, I am a student at Kingston University currently studying Marketing, Advertising and Communications.

    As part of my second year communications coursework, a group of my peers and I have been tasked with creating a communications plan for the Youth Arts Festival in Kingston, with the ultimate goal of increasing awareness amongst locals.

    As such, I am wondering what kind of advertising, if any, The River has done in the past? Do any journalists go to the events to write them up? Are there any costs associated with this?

    Any information you have around this subject would be more than useful. I look forward to your reply.

    Thank you and kind regards,

    Alan Mutton

    • Hi Alan,

      Please email our Managing Editor, Federica, at if you would like to place an advertisement in the print edition of River Newspaper. She will be able to inform you about costs depending on what kind of advert you are looking to print.

      If you were looking to have a journalist from The River write about the event, please email us all event details and we will get back to you should we be interested in covering it.


  2. Artressa Phunding

    Kingston Uni currently being sued by MA students for race/religious discrimination.
    Court hearing scheduled for 12 April at 12:00 noon, Wandsworth County Court.

  3. Former Kingston Senior Lecturer and 2nd Most Wanted International Fugitive, Dr Howard Fredrics received an Absolute Discharge from Southwest London Magistrates Court on October 12th, 2017 in connection with his prior conviction for allegedly using “insulting words” towards former Kingston University VC, Sir Peter Scott.

    Parliament removed the “insulting words” clause from the Public Order Act in 2014, under which Dr Fredrics was initially convicted in 2010.

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