A HUNT has been launched for the author of a poison pen PDF which details the alleged sex lives of Kingston students

Kingston Exposed: Students alleged sex secrets go online

By Aundre Jacobs and Michelle Tiwo

A HUNT has been launched for the author of a poison pen PDF which details the alleged sex lives of Kingston students.

The sick e-letter dubbed Kingston Exposed has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times worldwide and has led to students being abused in the streets, in restaurants, in town and around campus.

Local police are now appealing to people to come forward and the university has launched its own probe into the cyber scandal.

A Kingston police spokeswoman said: “We would encourage any student affected to come forward.

We need them to come forward and make a statement before we can formally investigate. Having seen the PDF it is certainly something we would be concerned about and it has been passed onto our hate crime unit.”

The document, which contains pictures of each person mentioned and who they have supposedly been having sex with, also contains a number of vile comments about each victim.

Four girls are given the collective name of the “Berryland bitches” while another girl is called an “undercover slag” in an equally degrading description.

Male victims do not escape the abuse either, with one caption under a photo announcing “Ur one ugly mother”.

The PDF has become so popular that the hash tag, #kingstonexposed has appeared in the top five UK trending topics on Twitter – a position usually reserved for celebrities or world events.

A university source said: “We would like to track down who is responsible but we do not have much to work on.

“There have been some very distressed students who have complained and we have encouraged them to go to the police.

“One has had abuse from people in town who she does not even know.

“We have emailed the police partly to get their advice. We would certainly investigate this ourselves under our disciplinary procedures.”

The scandal began when a PDF file was sent to a number of members of the Afro-Caribbean Society, with the names, pictures and apparent details of their sexual conquests.

Rumours of an inside job now threaten to cause a rift within the society as some point the finger at fellow members.

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  1. Dr Howard Fredrics

    This is the logical outcome when a university maintains a culture of bullying.

  2. Read it. What bothered me most was the poor standard of English. How did this guy get into KU?! Doesn’t fill me with hope for the future. Other than that, it’s really not all that interesting. Just idiots getting off with other idiots. Shock horror.

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