You won't need to cross the Irish Sea to have the craic this St Patrick's Day because Kingston will be buzzing with shenanigans this Thursday

Paint Kingston green for St Patrick’s Day

You don’t need Irish blood in your veins to celebrate St Patrick’s Day. As long as you have a belly full of Guinness swathed in something green, you’re good to go.

Why not join the lovely people of Kingston University Snow Sports who have organised an entire night of St Patrick’s fun, starting off with a mini festival curated by ‘Our Friends Records’ at Woody’s?

The night will kick off at 8pm, with Ze Trio, The Brass Kats and token Irish guy, Liam Cottrell all on the bill. The £1 shots and £3 Guinness on offer should help to lubricate your dancing cogs and then it’s on to Ama-gi, where Fabric DJ and DEKHEADS resident Lemmy Ashton will provide the soundtrack your jig.

Tickets which cost a mere £3 can be purchased on the door and the proceeds will help KUSS get on the piste.

The more alternatively inclined can check out New Slang which will become New Slainte at the Hippodrome for one night only. The Lagan and Oh Danny Boy Fontaine and The Leprechauns of Fury will be on live music duty in the main room and the bar will become an Irish music-only zone.  

If you are lucky enough to be a real Irish person or if you have had the good fortune to have been christened Patrick, your entry to the Hippodrome will be free. If not, do not despair. The simple acts of donning your best leprechaun outfit will see that you are entitled to the same privileges. Prizes have been promised for the best dressed Paddy, plastic or otherwise.

When considering watering holes to stage your St Patrick’s Day celebrations in, that great bastion of all thing Irish, O Neill’s, would probably be the first to spring to mind. Devoid of imagination though it may be, at least you can be sure that the Guinness will be flowing, as will the banter.

If the black stuff is not your personal poison, there are plenty of Irish whiskeys on offer or if you prefer your drinks soft, you could try the drink that launched a thousand cavities, Ireland’s super-sweet traditional red lemonade.

Before you hit the jar, you could drop in to The Kingston Arms where they will be making room on their menu for some hearty Irish themed grub, perfect to set you up for a night of revelry. 

They will also make it worth your while to stick around after dinner with bargains galore to honour St Patrick’s snake banishing abilities. There will be deals on Irish whiskey and their ‘Recession Bustin’ Ales & Wines’ menu is not to be sniffed at either, with pints for as little as £1.95. Sure, the ales may not be Irish but then again, neither was St Patrick!

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