For drama, atmosphere and good beer, The Willoughby Arms is the only place in Kingston to be for the final of the Six Nations.

Where to watch the finals of the Rugby Six Nations?

As the Six Nations Rugby comes onto the home straight, with England poised on the brink of victory, the question is where best in Kingston to sit back, quench your thirst and cheer your team over the finish line.

The answer: The Willoughby Arms.

This old Victorian pub, situated half a mile from Kingston station on Willoughby Road, has gone some way to creating the perfect ambience for the Rugby devotee.

Fitted with three monstrous television sets- equipped, of course, with the latest 3D and HD technology- the Willoughby Arms even has a special upstairs function room which will be converted into a cauldron of Rugby enthusiasm for the final England match of the tournament, a game against fierce rivals Ireland on Saturday, 19 March.

And thrown into the scrum are opportunities to win free beer. Prior to the match Predict It! score cards are handed around to drinkers. Predict the winning team and the approximate winning margin to win a pint. Predict the exact number of trys to win a four pint jug.

And for the thirstiest, most prophetic fans of all, there is the grand prize of an entire gallon (eight pints) of beer for whoever can predict the total number of points to be scored by both teams.

For those without foresight, the pub makes it easy by offering £2 off every four pint jug during any of the Six Nations games.  

You may even find yourself cheering side by side with a local Kingston celebrity. The earthy allure of the pub draws Kingston notables like moths to a flame, with former England cricketer Darren Gough rubbing shoulders with Spooks thespian Rupert Penry-Jones within its boozy confines.

And if, during the sound and fury of the wild Six Nations finale, it all gets too much, you can step outside into the zen-like tranquility of the garden, stand by its ancient pond and watch its turtles swim with graceful, soothing strokes across its mossy depths, before taking a deep breath and flinging yourself back into the seething, beery throng of the pub.

So for all the real Rugby fans in Kingston, there is only one place to be on the final day of the Six Nations tournament: The Willoughby Arms.

Final Day Schedule:

Saturday 19th March – Scotland v Italy – 2.30pm

Saturday 19th March – Ireland v England – 5pm

Saturday 19th March – France v Wales – 7.45pm

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