Last week saw tickets for London 2012 Olympic tickets go on sale for the first time.

Olympic ticket Confusion

The sale, which goes on until 26th April, allows members of the public to submit applications in the hope of securing tickets for any of the upcoming sporting events.

Organisers have emphasised that the sale is fair, given that it does not work on a first come, first served basis.

Indeed, those applying at the end of the six weeks are just as likely to succeed as those who have done so within the opening week, and it is possible to apply for tickets to every event should you so wish.

The move is not without controversy however, with organisers being criticised over the practicalities of booking.

Visa , one of the International Olympic Committee’s main sponsors, has come under fire for gaining exclusive rights to booking, meaning that all those who attempt to buy tickets must do so using a Visa debit card.

This creates problems, not least that those without Visa cards will be forced to apply for one in order to be eligible for tickets.  Crucially, oversubscribed events are being balloted, meaning that those who apply for tickets do not have any idea of whether or not their application will be successful.

In order to be more likely to gain a ticket, it is believed that many have applied for entry to every event.  London Olympic 2012 organisers have said that the public will be told of successful purchases by 24 June, adding that successful applicants will have money for the tickets removed from their Visa accounts in mid-May.

Therefore, the possibility of Visa users exceeding their overdraft unknowingly increases, meaning more money for banks and Visa alike.

Applicants have been advised to apply solely for what they can afford in order to avoid overdraft debt.

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