Pink Floyd star's son could face jail but is granted bail to sit exams.

Gilmour granted bail to sit exams

The son of Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour has controversially been granted conditional bail after pleading guilty to violent disorder, allowing him to sit his Cambridge University exams.

Charlie Gilmour appeared at Kingston Crown Court on Friday May 6 and could still face jail after entering a non-specific guilty plea in response to a string of offences committed on the Day X3 protest against tuition fees in London on December 9.

Although the case was adjourned until July 8 to allow the 21-year-old to sit his exams and his legal team to decide the specifics of the plea, Judge Nicholas Price QC warned Gilmour that a jail sentence was a real possibility.

He said: “The fact that I am granting you bail is of no indication whatsoever that you will be dealt with in a non-custodial way.

“You must understand that your plea of guilty to violent disorder is a serious matter and it may be that the proper course would be one of immediate custody.”

Gilmour is accused of throwing a rubbish bin at the royal convoy and smashing a window of a high street store and is now banned from the City of Westminster as part of his bail conditions.

The former model from Billingshurst, West Sussex was also pictured swinging from a Union flag on the Cenotaph during the March and has since described his actions as ‘a moment of idiocy’.

He was one of thousands of people protesting in Trafalgar Square and Parliament Square against the coalition government’s plans to raise tuition fees to between £6,000 and £9,000 per academic year.

Gilmour’s biological father is playwright Heathcote Williams but he was adopted by the Pink Floyd guitarist after his mother, journalist Polly Samson, remarried. He will return to Kingston Crown Court in July to learn his fate.

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