Kingston arsonist free to strike again?

The alleged-arsonist who recently started a fire in the John Galsworthy building remains at liberty after police decided not to press charges.

A spokesman for Kingston Met police announced that while a 23 year old female from Hackney had been arrested, they would not be pursuing the case. They would not identify the woman, or confirm whether or not she was a Kingston University student.

Andy Pattison, of Kingston Police, said: “An investigation was carried out by officers from Kingston CID into the alleged arson.

“Following a review of the incident, the Crown Prosecution Service decided that no further action would be taken against the female.”

The woman was arrested during investigations into a fire which broke out on March 9, and hundreds of frightened students had to be evacuated. The fire also caused ‘significant damage’ to a second floor lecture room.

Dave Englefield, watch manager at Surbiton fire station, said at the time: “It was arson. Someone set fire to stuff and the police will have to investigate.”

University Health and Safety manager Ian Appleford said: “There has been a fire and it was started deliberately.

Concerns were also raised at the time about fire safety procedures in the John Galsworthy building, as students on the lower floors began to evacuate quite some time before the alarms began to ring.

The police have said that they are not currently looking for anyone else in connection with the incident. 

Sarah, a first year science foundation student, had this to say: “It’s dangerous thet they’re letting somebody off like that, there should be some consequences. Say the alarms weren’t working, it could have been a lot worse.

“This university needs a lot more security.”

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