The new year's freshers have arrived full of excitement, ambition and enthusiasm.
By Vegard Botterli

Hopes, dreams and freshers

Kingston University has fostered a good number of dreamers over the years. Eric Clapton was a student and, though he did not graduate, he did pretty well for himself in the end.

Electronic musician and composer Aphex Twin is another, as well as actor Ben Barnes, Rugby World Cup winner Laurence Dallaglio…. the list goes on.

Every year Kingston University welcomes thousands of freshers, many living away from home for the first time. They all have hopes and dreams and, perhaps, no small measure of anxiety about what university life may hold for them. “It’s been complete chaos and a lot of fun at the same time,” said photography-student Bianca Ramirez. New friends from all over the world, lots of laughs and late nights are what most students enjoy in common as Kingston freshers. 

Whatever the field of study, Kingston University is one of the final steps before hopes and dreams become reality. And who knew you could have so much fun making dreams reality? One bump in the road is that university demands academic work and, at times, a lot if it. So when the going gets tough, and the night is dark, it might be worth searching for dreams, somewhere deep in your mind, along with all that new and exiting academic knowledge waiting to pour on to the keyboard.

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