A 28-degree Autumn day was probably the last thing the actors wanted at the film set of a Chrismas advert.
By Myriam Dijck

Winter-clad actors melt away on Christmas film set at Kingston market

By Myriam Dijck
Twenty-eight-degree heat on a blue-skied Autumn day was probably the last thing the actors wanted when a supermarket filmed their Christmas advert in Kingston centre today.

Ice-cream eating bystanders in t-shirts and shorts watched the winter-clad actors who were clearly much less pleased with the sudden warm weather.

Despite the record-breaking high temperatures, the film crew were determined to get everyone in the festive spirit by shouting out “It’s Christmas” through their megaphones. Many actors had to quickly wipe the sweat from underneath their woollen hats while the cameras weren’t rolling.

For the two-day shoot an entire winter wonderland was erected complete with ferris wheel and a 22-foot Christmas tree. The set stretched out across the entire marketplace in Kingston, with dozens of cameras and a hundred-odd crew.

The advert for Morrisons supermarket will be on television this winter.

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