If you've sat in your uni bedroom wondering how to revamp the decor to make it look a little more homely and personal -- then looked at your bank balance and given up the idea -- do not despair.

How to revamp your bedroom on a budget

Here are some budget tips on how to make your room a relaxing place to come back to after a hard day studying.

Print off some pictures

We all love taking pictures on our mobiles or cameras and uploading them on Facebook but why not go to your local photo shop  to get them printed out. It will only cost 20 to 30 pence a photo. Put the picture in a photo frame or make a picture wall of all your favourite memories.

Buy used furniture and accept hand-me-downs.

As students we should really be grateful to those who offer us their used belongings. Old furniture can be transformed to look ‘shabby chic’ with a fresh lick of paint and some fabric. You can find free stuff on Gumtree or Freecyle online. And Princess Alice Hospice shop on Old London Road always has some great cheap furniture in good condition.

Add the final touches

When you move into somewhere new you are always recommended to buy the essentials such as saucepans, kettle and bedding to get you through but quite a few students forget to add the finishing touches. Cushions can make your room comfortable, Primark have a great range at £3 each and if you want to ring the changes to suit your mood you can change the covers. Plants add greenery and life — just don’t forget to water them. It can be depressing to have no choice over the colour scheme in uni accommodation so add some in the furniture and accessories you choose. A bright bedspread might make all the difference. Just don’t go colour crazy or you might suffer after a night out.

Stay Organised

You really don’t want to be rushing around on the day your assignment is due looking for that one piece of paper you have lost. Stay organised by buying some storage boxes, magazine holders and letter trays to store your work. They will be a lifesaver. Paperchase and Rymans sell some really nice ones that range from £2 to £8.

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