About Us

The River is Kingston University’s student newspaper. The third-year journalism students primarily run it, but anyone who wishes can contribute. If you have a story you would like us to cover, or you would like to write drop, us a line at editors.river@gmail.com or click on one of the names below to email them individually.


Natalie Crookham

Email: K1704532@kingston.ac.uk


Deputy Editor/Managing Editor

Alice Carter

Email: K1700614@kingston.ac.uk 


“I’m passionate about fashion and currently have my own fashion start-up.”

News Editors 

Najib Hassan

Email: K1709460@kingston.ac.uk


“I like to ask the hard-hitting questions and hold people to account.”

Ariane De Oliveira Gomes

Email: K1723284@kingston.ac.uk


“Finding news and talking to people is my speciality, and I am really interested in reporting foreign affairs.”

Features Editors 

Sophie Humphrey

Email: K1705496@kingston.ac.uk


“My passion when it comes to The River is writing exciting stories that inform and engage with our audience.”

Stefania Dall’Armi

Email: K1738005@kingston.ac.uk


“I like writing features, taking photos and making videos. Anything that involves creativity.”

Picture/Visual Editor 

Suyeba Aslam

Email: K1744115@kingston.ac.uk


“I like telling a story through visuals as it really grabs the readers attention and makes them want to read on!”

Comment Editor 

Stephen Hall

Email: K1734017@kingston.ac.uk


“As comment editor, I am passionate about pissing you guys off with my hot takes on issues.”


Inta Kuze

Email: K1713245@kingston.ac.uk


“I enjoy the whole process of creating our own newspaper, from searching for the stories to creating the pages and seeing the final printed product.”

Serena Khan

Email: K1746187@kingston.ac.uk


“I’m passionate about finding out about new entertainment.”

Sports Editor 

Edward Luchford

Email: K1740380@kingston.ac.uk


“Passionate about all things sports, especially football.”

Chief Sub 

Rebecca Barnard

Email: K1717392@kingston.ac.uk


Charlotte Dorans

The River Chief Layout 

Mary Mann

Social Media Editor

Savanna Kelly-Drakes

Emai: K1517387@kingston.ac.uk


Multimedia Editor 

James Ecclestone

Emily Hooper