After losing out to Katie Waissel on last week's X Factor results show, Belle Amie wowed the crowd at McCluskys nightclub in the first of the regular Saturday night X Factor events

Belle Amie perform their X Factor hits at McCluskys

Overcoming their defeat in Sunday’s deadlock showdown, X Factor’s Belle Amie bounced back to entertain a flock of fans at McCluskys in Kingston town centre on Saturday night.

The group seemed to be thriving on their current fame as they performed a selection of their most popular songs from the show including Airplanes, You Really Got Me Going, George Michael’s Faith and the song that lost them their place in the competition, Bananarama’s Venus.

Despite a slightly nervous appearance in which the girls still seemed to be adjusting to their new-found fame, they pulled off a brilliant live performance. They were in tune throughout all four songs and seemed to be having a lot of fun as they performed.

With just minutes to go before the group was due on stage, there was a stampede of eager fans as they fought to catch a glimpse of the recently formed girl group. The crowd went crazy when the girls first appeared and showed continuous support throughout the entire performance.

Although the performance was hindered by the loud bass and restricted time of a club PA, Belle Amie proved that they are not willing to give up without a fight.

If you would like to see the recent evictees from The X Factor perform then McCluskys will be hosting them every Saturday night right through to December. Treyc Cohen will be on stage at 12pm Saturday 13th November.

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