Review: “As You Like It”

In this endearingly comical and romantic play, the cast and crew of The Rose’s latest production, As You Like It, have breathed new life into a well-worn and much loved Shakespearean text.

With first-class performances by David Sturzaker and Georgina Rich in the lead roles of Orlando and Rosalind, the play’s directors have wisely chosen to trust in the performance of its actors rather than on elaborate sets or modern gimmicks.

Confident performances are given by the entire cast who are well supported by nine of Kingston’s MA Classical Theatre students.

Particularly commendable performances are given by stage veteran Michael Feast in the role of professional clown Touchstone, and Shango Baku who delivers his performance as Adam with real flair and spectacular comic timing.

As Shakespearean plays go, As You Like It is definitely one of the more accessible, sweeping the audience along with its wit, charm and energy.   

Director of the play Stephen Unwin has incorporated a great deal of song into the play, adding colour and warmth to this already fun and light-hearted production.

Made up of little more than mechanical golden trees and a mound of dirt, the simplistic set is used to great effect to draw contrasts between night and day, town and country, cruelty and decency. The impressive costume design helps to identify the many characters and sets the play firmly in its time. 

With its impressive display of song, dance and physical comedy this is a superb interpretation of Shakespeare’s play and would make a great night out for anyone with a passion for the arts.

For more information on ticket prices visit the theatre’s website, or for free tickets under the A Night Less Ordinary scheme click here.

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