Kingston student wants your nudes for upcoming art project

A first year fine art student has asked people for a rather unusual favour to help with her upcoming art project. Would you send her your intimate nude pictures?
Katy Gusterson, 19, has put up multiple posters around Seething Wells halls of residence asking people to send her their intimate pictures via Instagram.

“Sending nude pictures is such a big thing nowadays I’m looking into it celebrating your body and sexuality. As long as they aren’t being used for malicious reasons I don’t see anything wrong with them,” she said.

Gusterson, who plans to paint the pictures she is sent, said wants to stop the stigma around naked bodies.

She believes the issue is especially prevalent on platforms like Instagram which heavily censor nude photographs.

As sexting is so popular, it is no wonder Katy chose this as her premis. The response to the project has been positive so far with many people, including Kingston students, contacting the fine art student with their intimate photos.

She also plans on painting her and her boyfriend’s nude photos to create series of paintings.
Gusterson said: “Responses have been great so far. I’ve had around 20 people send me nudes and it’s lovely to see that I can be seen as a trustworthy person to see such a private thing for people.
Responses from men and women have been nicely balanced, which surprised me.”

Katy has also had responses from transgender and non-bianry student who she will be painting as her next project.

A student from the university who sent Katy a nude said: “I’m very open with my body and the photo I sent was actually taken for someone on a dating app so I’d already sent it before.”

When she has finished painting the pictures Gusterson plans to put them up randomly around London and Kingston.

“After painting them I will stick them around town with no explanation, to see how far simply a naked painting in an unconventional setting can cause discussion.”

To see more of Katy’s work visit and to contribute to Katy’s art work visit @katy.rsg on Instagram

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