Student arrested in Kingston drugs bust

A first year student was arrested and charged for possession with intent to supply class B drugs, after a police drugs bust at Penrhyn Road on Friday.

A convoy of two police vans and three cars descended on the university in a late afternoon drugs raid, arrested a first year sociology student who had been in the beer garden of the Space Bar. They confiscated drugs and cash.

The group of  police were aided by the university security guards. In the ensuing fracas, two other male students were involved and at least one of the university security guards received minor injuries.

An unnamed friend of the arrested student said he had witnessed the event: “[The arrested man] was rolling some cannabis on a £5 note when two security guards turned up. He tried to put it away but they were too quick and got him on the floor.”

The police had been alerted by security guards watching suspicious activity on CCTV cameras on campus.

The student attended Kingston magistrates court on Saturday March 15.

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One thought on “Student arrested in Kingston drugs bust



    According to the Office for National Statistics, the number of alcohol-related deaths in the UK has increased since the early 1990s, rising from the lowest figure of 4,023 (6.7 per 100,000 population) in 1992 to the highest of 9,031 (13.6 per 100,000) in 2008.

    Am I the only that notices the complete hypocrisy in a student being arrested in a student bar that sells cheap alcohol, a far more socially damaging substabce, for the possession of Cannabis?

    Had the student in question been dealing weed or peddling crack or smack to other students, then the heavy handed approach employed may arguably have been justified.

    But to send out multiple riot vans and police cars over a seemingly insignificant amount of cannabis seems beyond ridiculous.

    Understandably the university wants to distance itself from such activities and to be seen to be taking a proactive stance in tackling such behaviour, but the fact is that smoking the odd spliff is for a broad cross section of students and indeed young people in general as natural as the consumption of a pint.

    Surely the resources expended by the Kingston Contsabulary could have been better spent on tackling the violent and thuggish behaviour on the streets of Kingston which the local press is so keen to highlight on a regular basis.

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