Anonymous to lead an attack against Sony

Anonymous has declared war on Sony after the global giant threatened a hacker with a €1,000,000 lawsuit.

The cyber-group are acting in response to Sony’s legal battle with hackers who published details of the Playstation 3 security software, making it possible for users to play pirate copies of games.

The group which has become known for defending WikiLeaks and websites such as has now pledged to make Sony ‘experience the wrath of Anonymous’.

They posted on their website: “In light of this assault on both rights and free expression, Anonymous, the notoriously handsome rulers of the Internet, would like to inform you that you have only been ‘renting’ your web domains. Having trodden upon Anonymous’ rights, you must now be trodden on.”

“Your recent legal actions against fellow Internet citizens, GeoHot and Graf_Chokolo have been deemed an unforgivable offence against free speech and internet freedom.”

The hackers at the centre of the controversy, George ‘Geohot’ Hotz and Alexander Graf_Chokolo’ Egorenkov, revealed the make up of the Playstation 3 security software to the world in January after it was finally cracked by members of the hacking group, fail 0verflow.

This has paved the way for amateur programmers to customise their consoles, playing their own games and potentially cheating whilst playing online.

Mr Hotz, 21, from New Jersey, USA, wrote on his website: “Sony is lame, and is suing me for hacking my own PS3.”

“Who are they to authorize what I do with my taxed and paid for property?”

Legally Mr Hotz cannot be sued for customising his own property but Sony are basing their case around copyright infringement and fraud. The company have also threatened to sue German hacker, Mr Egorenkov, for €1 million in damages.

Computing Studies student at Kingston, Bartosz Zelaznicki said: “When buying something you expect to be able to do whatever you like with it, as long as you’re not breaking any law. I expect to be able to install any OS compatible on my MacBook and I would expect the same with any piece of hardware I have purchased.”

Anonymous has not announced when it will start attacking the Sony website.

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