How To: Protect yourself from the Internet

Viruses are more than a nuisance and they are turning into a real threat as they become more sophisticated and widespread.

New data published this week has found that 31% of Internet users in the UK have had problems with viruses over the past year.

The data published by Eurostat, a EU statistical information service has also shown that 7% of Internet users have lost money as a result of phishing scams, scams that trick you into entering your bank details into a fake website.

Being able to defend your computer from these forms of deception is vital, especially considering that in January this year, claimed the number of viruses was estimated to be around 50,000,000. This number has sky-rocketed from the 1,000,000 known viruses in 2008. 

Third year, creative writing student Alex Cross lost control of his PC to the ‘Virus Doctor’ infection. He said: “I opened up a file I downloaded from the Internet and then it appeared.”

This specific virus attempts to disguise itself as an anti-virus piece of software.

It tries to warn you about a large number of viruses on your PC and that the only way to remove them is by paying a fee so that the software can update and remove them.

Unfortunately it’s all lies, you don’t have a million and one viruses and the program certainly won’t disappear if you cough up your student loan.

Mr Cross said: “At first I was shocked, I didn’t realise I had so many viruses but I didn’t want to pay to get them removed. Then I found that I couldn’t get onto the Internet or remove the program.”

The virus stops you from removing it, you can’t find where it’s installed itself and delete the folders, in fact the only apparent way to many is to wipe the hard drive clean and start all over again.

Luckily this is not the case, Mr Cross followed a walk-through provided by, which guided him to a free piece of software that could scan for and then remove the infection.

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    your not interested yet u clicked the link and commented to advise people that if they get a virus they should just start again and buy a mac. anything to add whilst we’re hitting these social phenomena that are your thoughts

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