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DVD review: Michael McIntyre: Showtime

By River Reporter Oct 11, 2012

The Live at the Apollo star is back with another hilarious DVD of his latest live show, Showtime.

Barbara Tasch

Complete hilarity is the best way to describe the atmosphere in The O2 Arena only two minutes into Michael McIntyre’s new show.

His impression of women putting on tights alone is worth the price of the entry ticket, but it’s his ability to comment on everyday life details in such a way that people keep laughing out loud for two hours straight that will guarantee him full houses for Showtime.

Starting the show by apologising for putting tickets on sale so early, he moves on to talk about 2012 being a great year for Britain, and his hilarious adaptation of the Queen hula-hooping like Grace Jones in front of her TV reduced the crowd to tears.

McIntyre’s comments are a bit harsher and blunter in comparison to his last show, but he manages to stir clear of clichés and to keep a light and amusing tone to even his most intimate marriage anecdotes.

After briefly mentioning Prince Harry’s Las Vegas adventure and Kate Middleton’s row with the French press, he goes on to discuss the privacy of postcards.

Suggesting that every person involved in the process of getting the postcard from the writer to the receiver from post officials to family members reads the postcards, he gave everyone a brilliant new idea for their postcards, mainly asking: “Are you still having those sexual dreams about the postman?”

Similarly to his previous shows, it transpires that his greatest inspiration is his family. Hilarity took over when he referred to his wife as the “stinking mahogany lady” after she puts fake-tan on.

The most memorable marital story was about his wife telling him she was going to divorce him if he ever opened a new carton of milk when a half-full one was right next to it in the fridge. Answered by what he said was the “Biggest mistake I could have done”, because after apologising to her he asked: “Is there anything else honey?”

The story ended in a quote from his wife about his household skills: “The only thing you sometimes clean is your internet history, it’s disgusting!”

His absolute biggest hit of the evening though, was his rage against internet booking fees, resulting in the whole of the O2 arena applauding and screaming for a full minute.

Michael McIntyre’s unrivalled talent to describe mundane family life in a hilarious way is proven once again with Showtime. As long as the booking fees for the tickets to his show remain low, it is a worthy investment.

Michael McIntyre will be touring the UK and Ireland for the next few months and will be back in London at the end of November.

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