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Meet your editorial team!

The River is Kingston University’s student newspaper and we are here to give you the latest student news and much more! Read more to learn about each team member.

Written and managed by third-year journalism students, we publish online and a print newspaper, be sure to check out our socials too.

We welcome ideas from across the university so if you have a story idea, don’t hesitate to contact us at editors.river@gmail.com

Ella Devereux | Editor

Interests: politics, positive LGBTQ+news and poetry

Malin Lervaag | Deputy Editor

Interests: news writing, politics and hiking

Evie Barrett | News Editor

Interests: music (any genre!), pop culture and film and TV

Kumba Kpakimba | Deputy News Editor

Interests: pop and youth culture, fashion and current affairs

Abby Lake | Features Editor

Interests: health and wellbeing, visible and hidden disabilities and YouTube

Diego Evrard-Broquet | Comment & Analysis

Interests: contemporary dance, climate change and mental health

Jadyn D’Souza | Video & Multimedia Editor

Interests: sports, cooking and everything video game related

Alexandra Raikov | Pictures & Visuals Editor

Interests: music, travelling and fashion

Harry Brogan | Social Media Editor

Interests: video games, technology, fashion and creative writing

Xenia Cherednychenko | Social Media Editor

Interests: music, films, travel and fashion

Madichi Brown | Podcast Editor

Interests: the film and TV industry and watching and discussing recent releases

Elizabeth Wiredu | Chief Layout Sub Editor

Interests: My cat Onyx, Sylvia Plath, kickboxing, animation and cartoons and magazine design and layout

Zahra Khadir | Chief Website Sub Editor

Interests: politics, travel, the environment and TikTok

Clirimtare Rashica | Entertainment Editor

Interests: sustainable fashion, creative writing and politics

Hasan Ahmad | Sports Editor

Interests: watching and writing about sports (mainly football), stocks and cryptocurrency

Alisha Athay | Life Editor

Interests: fashion, art and travel