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Games: out this month

By River Reporter Mar 21, 2012

By Laura Varley

Next month’s offerings are more than likely to keep you distracted during exam season, with the long anticipated Prototype 2, the energy-sapping Kinect Star Wars and the full Devil May Cry collection, reworked in stunning HD.

And please, do try and remember to do some studying between those bouts of button bashing!

Prototype 2

Out: April 24

Best price: £37.99 (Sainsbury’s)

Alex Mercer, the “hero” from the last Prototype game has become the very man you want to kill in the sequel Prototype 2. This time you play Sergeant James Heller who is a little bit angry about his family being dead. Naturally, Heller is also infected with the Blacklight virus just like Mercer so yes, you can still change your arm into a giant blade. Cause chaos and get revenge by eating people to assume their identities, blowing up tanks and taking down helicopters. Sounds wonderful!

Kinect Star Wars

Out: April 3

Best price: £32.90 (Amazon)

We’ve all wanted to pretend to fly a pod-racer and have lightsaber battles, right? Kinect Star Wars lets you fulfil those geeky fantasies. You can even dance like a Stormtrooper! Yes, you heard me correctly, Stormtroopers dance now. If you are looking for a proper Star Wars game, avoid this like the plague. If you want to laugh at your mates holding hands and making racing sounds as they win a pod-race, then go right ahead and buy this.


Devil May Cry: HD collection

Out: April 3

Best price: £24.85

Bring back fond memories of Dante, the half demon hero, when he was white-haired with a long red coat (and not an emo look alike) by replaying the first three Devil May Cry games. This time they look much better than you remember them as they’ve been given a HD make-over with trophy and achievement support. Hopefully getting past that lava spider boss is a lot easier now we can actually see what is going on…nope we still need help.

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