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The Gremlins hits the cinema screen again

By River Reporter Dec 2, 2012

Mimmie Wilhelmson

Strange, bizarre and creepy sums up the film The Gremlins. It was not good in the 80s and it is not good now, but despite this, it is showing at the cinema once again.The 1984 film tells the story of a dad who buys a cute little Mogwai creature, named Gizmo, for his son’s Christmas gift.

However, with Gizmo comes responsibility: do not spill water on him, do not expose him to light, and most important of all, do not feed him after midnight.

As you would have guessed, these rules are quickly broken, and Gizmo magically produces hideous new creatures, who quickly turn into monsters, so called Gremlins.

The Gremlins take over towns and cause serious crimes, such as killing people. While doing this, a happy 80s electro tune is played in the background, making the whole thing just bizarrely vulgar.

This is a bad outdated film where the word “neat” seemed to be the big trend and is used way too often. The dark humour is on the verge of being inappropriate and the only thing that is new about this version compared to the 80s one is that they might have improved the quality somewhat. But that is it.

So why even bother screening this rubbish movie again? Were there no other new films they could screen, or is showing an old movie just a way of saving money? Or do they class this film as cult and do not want people to forget about it? Whatever reason, it is not worth seeing.

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