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KU actor off to Hollywood this summer

By River Reporter Mar 27, 2012

By Rebecca Louise Coles

An ambitious Kingston media and journalism student has landed a role in a new comedy film that is set to be aired in L.A this summer.

Third-year student, Frankie Clarence, has bagged two acting roles just weeks before finishing his course.

Frankie, 20, appears in family sitcom All About the Mckenzies, directed by E20 television star Samuell Benta and will begin filming for new movie Freshers over Easter. Frankie was able to get involved after attending regular media functions where he met British directors such as Lee Tamahori (James Bond), Noel Clarke (Kidulthood) and Ashley Walters (Top Boy).

The university affect

Frankie said: “Kingston University has had a dramatic effect [on me], as I have learnt the key foundations and the more intellectual part of the media world which I would have never known had I not come to university. I’ve developed a great understanding and matured mentally as a person.”

Frankie landed both roles by attending a network function in London where directors, actors and agents come together to promote themselves. This is where Frankie exchanged numbers with directors Noel Clarke and Lee Tamahori.

Reminiscent of Shaun of the Dead, Freshers follows university students as they battle a zombie outbreak that has been spreading since Freshers week. The last surviving protagonists are forced to work together to save mankind.  

Frankie’s second venture,All About the McKenzies, is a coming-of-age comedy set around an eccentric North West London family. It combines hilarious scenarios with more touching stories such as bullying, young pregnancy, single parenting and other family issues. Clips of the comedy are to be released on YouTube this May, meanwhile it has been accepted by a television station in L.A.


However this is not Frankie’s first taste of stardom as he has already starred in British films Anuvahood and, and in television drama The Bill. Frankie started acting professionally after he was signed to an American agency aged 19.

I’ve always enjoyed performing and entertaining people whether it is at home or school plays.” Frankie said. “My Aunt who always had believed in me gave me words of advice, saying ‘whatever your dream Junior, make it happen’.”

Frankie offered advice to up-and-coming actors: “You will at times get put down and rejected for roles you thought you were the best for, just remember any failure is a good experience. I genuinely feel you only need two things, hard-work and belief. If you got belief in yourself you’re half way there.”

Frankie is fully booked for the year following his graduation with filming another movie and two TV shows, which are due to start before the Christmas period. He also plans to travel to Malawi and start up his own foundation charity for sick and orphaned children in memory of his Aunt who inspired him.

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