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KU theatre company to play Camden Fringe Festival this summer

By River Reporter Feb 21, 2013

KU drama students are to perform at the Camden Fringe Festival with the support of the university this summer. 

Anna Stayduhar

Kingston University has commissioned the Eve Theatre Company to take part in three plays at the Camden Fringe Festival this July.

One-year anniversairy

The theatre company was founded by seven undergraduate drama students in February 2012, making this month their one-year anniversary. The seven students referred to the Company as “Eve”, a biblical name marking the beginning of something new.

Director of studies for dance and drama, Jackie Smart, said: “We asked them to take charge of our annual submission to the Camden Fringe Festival and paid them a fee to do so. I believe they have gained confidence and a sense of their capacity to achieve anything they set their minds to. I am extremely proud of them.”

Eve inspiring others along the way

The Company encourages students to get involved if they’re interested in acting, directing, playwriting or tech work. They performed their most recent play, 3 in 1, in Camden’s Etcetera Theatre and gave a portion of their ticket sales to St Rocco’s Hospice in Warrington.

“Speaking from a company in our very early stages, we look for any support we can get but we feel that we in turn need to give support back in any way we can,” said Zoë Bloss, 21, a third year drama student at KU.

Making the most of their involvement

The Eve girls can be frequently seen practicing for upcoming shows at the Reg Bailey Theatre, which has been accommodating for their frequent theatrical get-togethers.  

Sabrina Spencer, 23, a third year drama student said: “We would like to think that we may be popular with Kingston students because of our professionalism, passion and positive attitude.” 

Eve holds auditions throughout the year to find enthusiastic individuals to be a part of their future productions.

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