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Memorable memes of the past few years

By River Reporter Mar 1, 2013

We would like to take a moment to commemorate some of the best memes that the internet has provided.

Romina Rovira

Oh Internet, you have given us so much. Funny cats, sleepy cats, talented cats, grumpy cats… the list is long and varied, but when you take out our furry stars what is left?


The year had barely started, but it was not long before Harlem Shake appeared. From grandparents to an underwater version, to the Norwegian army, the Harlem Shake might be tough to beat, but the year is far from over.


We might never know what the lyrics of Gangnam Style are actually about, but we sure remember the steps.

Say what you want about Taylor Swift’s many boyfriends, you can’t deny she knows how to whip up a break up song. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together was catchy enough to stay with us for months and I remain puzzled by the band’s costumes in the video.

How many times did you cave in and sing along? If you still haven’t heard Call Me Maybe, then congratulations on waking up from your coma.

Possibly the best thing that came out of it was the Olympic Swimming USA team ad-lib version, but you can take your pick from dozens of parodies.


Remember the art of planking? And when I say art, I do mean it, because you can’t argue this doesn’t involve some bizarre combination of dedication, commitment, lack of common sense and inspiration. Sorry owling aficionados, I know you tried, but it simply wasn’t as cool as the original.

You know what day is today? It’s Friday, Friday! Yes, I’m talking about Rebecca Black and that  song.


Look at your calendar, look at the article, look at your calendar, look at the article. Look again, you are back in 2010. The Old Spice ads were by far the best of the year.

This was also the year of the World Cup, which means it was also the year of the vuvuzela and how could we forget their unique sound?


It was so funny that Justin Bieber did a remake. What should have been a regular visit for David to his dentist, turned into a viral hit after his parents shared his painkiller-induced existential reflections.

We all want our wedding day to be special, but Jill and Kevin found a way to walk the aisle in style and make it memorable for millions of people.


If anybody remembers this year as anything but the Single Ladies year, then you are wrong. Beyoncé dance was everywhere and everybody was doing it, and if you don’t believe me just ask Justin Timberlake.

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