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Review: Breaking Dawn, it’s time to withdraw your fangs

By River Reporter Nov 19, 2011

By Amirah Valu

Sink your teeth in

In Breaking Dawn: Part One, Bella marries the oh-so charming Edward Cullen and they finally get to do the deed on their honeymoon. Bella then falls pregnant with a half-human-half-vampire foetus. The werewolves are not happy with the news and want to harm the unborn child due to an underlying dispute. However, half-human-half-werewolf Jacob is still pining over Bella. That is until he ‘imprints’ on her newborn child.

Heart-warming and bizarre

There are two sides to Twilight, it’s strangely like Marmite, and you either love the saga or loathe it with a passion.

The most enjoyable moments from Breaking Dawn are the wedding and honeymoon scenes. They are both funny and heart-warming and the chemistry between Bella (Kristin Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson) is undeniable.

That said there are some bits of Breaking Dawn, which are just plain bizarre and will leave you feeling frustrated with the characters. Bella’s acting and character go downhill after the beginning of the film. There is nothing empowering about her character that makes her stand out as a strong female that women can look up to.

Horrific birth scene

It does have some of the original book’s influence but viewers are likely to be left feeling slightly traumatised. The birth scene looks like it has been taken out of a horror film, and found itself in Breaking Dawn. Edward is left covered in his wife’s blood, while Jacob is left holding baby Renesmee.

We are of course left on a cliff hanger of Bella opening her blood thirsty eyes as a newly transformed vampire.

Overall, the film delivers in terms of following the book but let’s hope the second half of the film is going to sparkle.

Team Edward or Team Jacob anyone?

Rating 2/5

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