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Review: Bullet to the Head

By River Reporter Feb 4, 2013

The opening scene of Walter Hill’s action film Bullet to the Head tells the story of how hitman Jimmy Bobo and his partner assassinate a shady police officer, Hank Greely, in New Orleans. 

Anna Stayduhar 

The scenes at the beginning are quite graphic and very bloody hence the choice of title Bullet to the Head. Bobo’s narrative of what it means to be in a cut throat hitman in this business sheds light into his character’s inability to feel remorse after killing men. His street wise motto is to live day to day on his terms rather than what society expects from its law abiding citizens.
Action Packed 
The audience sense he will stop at nothing to kill but only after he allows a  tatooed prostitute to walk away unharmed, does one see he may actually have some human qualities.
It becomes more action-packed after his partner, Louis Blanchard, is assassinated in a bar a few hours after the dodgy cop gets killed. From that point on the film takes a new turn as Bobo teams up with Detective Taylor Kwon, played by Sung Kang to find out who murdered him.


Too many bullets to the head?

The trailer showcases graphic shootings, raw violence, sharp humour and even an axe fight between Bobo and the enemy sniper, Keegan, played by Jason Momoa keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Not just another Stallone flick

The movie had its moments of testosterone filled action, which seems to be the epitome of a Stallone action film. It lacked much of a storyline as it only lasted for one hour and 40 minutes however if it lasted longer it would have given more time for it to become more dynamic.

 A reminiscene of Rocky’s endurance and a smidgen of Rambo’s instinctive warfare rolled into one. The music score was tremendous and very catchy as it carried the film well in between scenes. 

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