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Review: KU shows off talent at ‘Lyrics’ event

By River Reporter Nov 26, 2011

By Amaly Alfi

The Space Bar was filled with a variety of live entertainment and an enthusiastic audience as Kingston University showed off its talent at ‘Lyrics’, organised by third year English literature students and hosted by Alistair Kumi and Lewis Ryan.

The show kicked off with ‘Trade Mark’, a 21-year-old rapper and student from KU who challenged common rap subjects about wealth, cars and girls and was applauded for his originality and talent.


Solo singer Dorcas, 18, who sang a Jessie J and Beyonce track, proved to be popular with the audience and was asked to perform an encore. The second singer, Ashleigh Obeya also 18-years-old, who reached the boot camp stage at The X Factor competition in 2010, was also a popular performer with the crowd.

There was also the duo Carlito, ages 20 and 21, who offered a different genre from the frequent hip-hop and R&B and sang songs about youth which contributed to the positive atmosphere.

A positive vibe

Kingston University Dance group also danced to of hip-hop tracks, providing great entertainment.

Although a majority of the acts were rappers and singer/songwriters, it also included poetry which was influenced by their own personal troubles. Shimi Amin, 23, and Luke Chopra, 21, both read aloud their poems, which moved the audience.

Sean Jones, 21, a rapper and Kingston University student, performed some tracks which included a positive topic on ‘feeling happy’. Although the acts overall discussed a variety of emotions that the performers have been through, Sean Jones ended the show with a positive vibe which left the audience buzzing before they went home.

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