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Review: Matt Cardle at Scala

By River Reporter Oct 25, 2012

The X-Factor winner played London on Tuesday night.

Monicha Tully

The cynics among us may have been surprised to see the hundreds of ecstatic Matt Cardle fans that were crowded into his sold-out show at Scala, Kings Cross on Tuesday night.

Cardle’s continued popularity may come as a surprise to most, as he has pretty much disappeared from the public eye since his second single Starlight, from his debut album Letters, failed to make the top 100 and he subsequently “parted ways” with his then record label Columbia.

Supported by his “gorgeous” backing singers and band, Cardle performed a collection of songs from his debut album Letters and his highly-anticipated second studio effort The Fire, which will be released next Monday (29th October.)

Cardle seemed to possess a deeper confidence and authenticity as he showcased his impressive vocal range and guitar skills to the enthusiastic crowd.

The excitement from the crowd was especially palpable as Cardle performed an acoustic rendition of his debut single When We Collide, which was originally performed by Scottish rock trio Biffy Clyro and titled Many of Horror.

Highly emotive

Throughout the concert, Cardle treated his loyal fans to an insight into his tumultuous life by divulging a series of highly emotive anecdotes. He confessed that a track from The Fire called All That Matters was the most personal song that he had ever written and told the tale of his devastating and well documented break-up with dancer Sarah Robinson, whom he met whilst on X-Factor.

Before performing the uplifting and whimsical track Empire, he continued to bare his soul to his eager fans by informing them that he had written it whilst he was in an especially good place and that it was about a fictional character that had yet to materialise.

He emphasised that he had yet to meet the kind of woman that had inspired the track, which thrilled his fans to no end.

An absolute gentleman

The Essex boy was an absolute gentleman throughout the evening, whilst swigging from a hip flask, he engaged with crowd at every opportunity and thanked his fans profusely for supporting his career.

Cardle even showed gratitude to his former record label Columbia and X-Factor and Simon Cowell’s record label Syco.

There is no denying that Matt Cardle is a likeable and talented fellow but I feel that he may be too safe for this competitive industry.

The rough and tumble of the last 18 months have definitely increased the loveable rogue’s passion and determination, but I am not sure that it is enough to maintain his longevity.

Didn’t someone once say that nice guys finish last?

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