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Review: RiRi is talking the right kind of talk

By River Reporter Nov 24, 2011

By Amirah Valu

When Rihanna announced a few months ago she would be releasing her sixth album, Talk that Talk, many critics commented that it was just too soon.

Currently number one with We Found Love, Rihanna delivers the perfect mix of catchy lyrics and great collaborations and still manages to put across her sassy personality on the tracks.

 The album starts with the fun and flirty You Da One. Capturing the innocent side of Rihanna, you’ll definitely have it on repeat.

 The next club banger, Where Have You Been, is perfect for a night out with its European dance beat in the background.

Rihanna fans should be warned that most of the tracks are dripping with sexual metaphors.

With lyrics such as “Suck my cockiness/lick my persuasion” it definitely shows that she is not scared of being provocative.

Overall, Talk that Talk is an album that Rihanna’s fans will certainly enjoy. 

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