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Review: Setting an Example

By River Reporter Nov 21, 2011

By Surena Chande

Midnight Run isn’t your average dub step track, neither is it the average Example song because in this album, fans will see him bravely, yet successfully, re-inventing himself.

The fourth single from singer/rapper Elliot Gleave, aka Example, has released from his dark number one album Playing in The Shadows’.

Example has done this by blending a mixture of genres together and producing more thought-provoking “grungey” lyrics as he chooses to describe them.

In his album interview, Example simply says the song is about “battling your demons and vices and choosing partying over your loved one”. With lyrics such as “if we’re meant to be together…live for now, forget forever, we could still be here December”, helping him prove his point.

The magic of the song is the completely unexpected with heavy dub step drop midway through Midnight Run, which contributes to the popularity the song has already gained from its pre-release.

However, if the dub step drop wasn’t random enough, the video certainly is, starting with Example in the bath, then in a lake and later in a Mustang driving down a long road in Iceland.

Midnight Run is arguably one of Example’s best songs from his new album and it will be released on December 4.

Rating: 4/5

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