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Review: Weapons by Lostprophets

By River Reporter Apr 3, 2012

By Rosie Cope

The success of Welsh rock band Lostprophets has been full of both highs and lows after they formed in 1997, but after two hectic years, the band is back with their highly anticipated fifth album Weapons.

The band shot to fame with the release of their 2004 album Start Something and are best known for their singles Last Summer, Last Train Home and Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast).

The opening track Bring ’Em Down sets the tone for the album giving us a classic Lostprophets anthem built with their typical and consistent striking guitar riffs and characteristic “woah, woah” crowd pleasing chants.

Sing it out

Lead singer Ian Watkins draws in listeners with a chorus, promising to get the crowds moving with lyrics: “Sing it out, woah, bring it down, woah, sing it out, my friend bring it down again” resembling that of their UK top 10 2006 release Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast).

Fourth song on the album Jesus Walks is beautifully influential and full of attitude with such an empowering rhythm throughout. The pitch-perfect harmonies only add to the song as a whole and demonstrate Lostprophets’ unique abilities as songwriters.

Mainstream success

The future of the Pontypridd based band was in question after the release of their fourth studio album The Betrayed in 2010, when long term fans criticised them for becoming too mainstream and distancing themselves from their earlier heavy tracks.

But the band never fails to motivate their audience with a tight sound that has always seemed exclusive to them.

Older Lostprophets fans may still disapprove of their slightly pop approach to music, but the album promises numerous headbangers which will draw the crowds excited for their upcoming tour.

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