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Review: Youth Is Wasted On The Young – Carlito’s first single

By River Reporter Oct 9, 2012


By Rosie Smith

They are probably right in a lot of cases; but the boys of Carlito are certainly not wasting their youth.  Jack Dodd (Vocals), Laurence Stevens (Bass), Tommy Cruickshanks (Guitar) and Pearl Malbatruse (Drums) formed Carlito whilst studying at Kingston University, and have not looked back since. With their debut single, Youth is wasted on the Young released at the beginning of this month, a fast-expanding, dedicated fan base and an extensive list of reputable venues under their belt it looks like nothing will stand in the way of these four young men as they storm their way onto the music scene.

The debut single epitomises the unstoppable nature the band have adopted: energetic, engaged, exciting rock and roll. From the first tap of the drum you are compelled to take notice, as you are drawn to your feet and into the midst of something truly special; a mixture of classic British rock and their own vibrant sound.

Influenced by a broad spectrum of music, from their love of guitar-heavy pop and punk to their appreciation of the strong rhythms found in soul and motown, Carlito’s songs are a collision of multiple genres that many musicians would struggle to pull off. Add the band’s raw talent personal touches, however, and you have the missing piece. These multiple influences allow each song to have a number of levels on which they are successful. This is certainly true of Youth is Wasted, where the upbeat music both collides and blends with the song’s message. “It’s a bitter-sweet pop song,” said bassist Laurence. “On the surface it seems fun but underneath there are lines describing falling down, dole queues and wasted chances.”

Fun is certainly a word anyone who’s seen Carlito perform live would use; their high-octane shows, filled with a set list of energetic songs, never fail to make for a brilliant night. Youth Is Wasted On The Young is been a crowd-pleaser in every set they play, and the boys of Carlito have certainly been doing the rounds for the last few years. From the SU bars in Kingston, to Nambucca in Islington, The Dublin Castle in Camden and even playing at Beach Break festival this summer, they have not stopped on their journey towards fame and fortune and look set for bigger and better things.

If you want a great night out with good company and even better music, Carlito are your go-to guys.

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