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Sharks play intimate in-store set at Banquet Records

By River Reporter Oct 24, 2012

Banquet Records welcomed punk rockers Sharks for the first time in an intimate instore gig on Wednesday.

Elena Blagoeva
James Mattock (Frontman) performed an initmate solo set with a guitar in his hands to fans at Banquet Records.

The first song, he played was a new song, which remains untitled . The sound echoed all through the record shop, as James gave it his all, and in return the crowd responded well.
The set list, which he played consisted of five songs, the second song being ‘What Entails’. With an amazingly strong voice and his guitar chiming clear the fans seemed to really appreciate the performance, as by the end of the song they were clapping madly.

The next two songs were ‘Luck’ and ‘Relates’. Which saw James screaming from the top of his lungs when the choruses came.

You could really see that he was singing his heart out.

The last song of the set list was ‘Patient Spider’. When he struck the last notes on his guitar, everyone was clapping and cheering. When he was done, James addressed the crowd with the words: “Thank you very much”.

Overall, it was a good performance, even though the crowd was slightly on the small side. The amazing thing about Banquet Records’ in stores are that they allow bands to connect with their fans, which is a great opportunity to get in touch with an artist you love.

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