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Twilight actor Christopher Heyerdahl speaks to The River

By River Reporter Nov 22, 2012

Ingvild Olaussen

This year has been a big year for Christopher Heyerdahl. But his most memorable role is undoubtedly the heartbroken Marcus, a member of the Volturi, in the Twilight saga.

“In all honesty, I haven’t actually been recognised once in the street for being in the Twilight movies,” Christopher admits.

No wonder, he looks nothing like the pale, red-eyed and slightly vain vampire we saw in the Twilight movies.

Unlike Christopher, the younger cast members such as Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are names that dominate the press. Christopher says he takes his hat off to his colleagues.

“It’s something I really wouldn’t wish on anyone. It’s a bit of a crapshoot, this business”.

“They are always really generous and kind with fans and good-natured with the press. I think they dealt with it with extreme grace.”

Christopher acts alongside Michael Sheen as Aro and Jamie Campbell Bower as Caius. The trio form the Volturi, the evil rulers of the vampire world in the Twilight universe.

“They really are a bit of a tedious group. I wouldn’t advise spending too much time with them,” Christopher explains.

He emphasises that his role as Marcus is definitely the good guy out of the three.

The relationship between the vampires in the Volturi is pretty much the same off-screen as we see in the films, according to Christopher.

“Jamie and I have the closest off-screen relationship. We did spend a fair bit of time together. Michael was really off courting his love at the time. He has his own Didyme to deal with and he would spend most of his time keeping that relationship alive,” said.

Looking back on his favourite Twilight moments, Christopher bursts out laughing at a particular memory of a photograph (above) .

 “I remember the moment of looking at Jamie and saying ‘Are we in this shot? Are we in this photograph or is it just Michael having his picture taken?’”, he said.

When Christopher is asked which other character he would play in the movies if he could, he answers that he is “pretty darn happy” with Marcus.

Then out of nowhere his wife interrupts and said: “Just be honest. Just say it. Jane.”

“To be so captivating when she said one word, ‘pain’. All the range of emotion that she went through in trying to ignite this power that she has felt for such a long time, and to express her own impotence was quite an amazing thing to witness,” he explained.

“I have the type of face that will probably invite me into a few more vampire roles if I so choose,” he added.

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